Whole-Body Focus


Holistic Psychotherapy

The Whole Body Wellness Center approach is to treat the whole body: the mind and the body are interconnected.  All clinicians at the Center are doctoral level therapists and/or Psychologists, are hand-picked and offer a variety of therapeutic services from individual/couples psychotherapy to consultations and presentations in the office or the community. 

Therapy sessions are confidential, 50 minutes long, and usually weekly or every other week. "As needed" appointments can be arranged.  The number of sessions you may have depends greatly on many factors such as your need for services, your time and finances.   Your treatment plan is tailored to fit your unique needs, which may include a referrals to other holistic practitioners when warranted.

The Whole Body Wellness Center

Both of our locations are open to all ethnicities, cultures and age-ranges.  We use scientifically-proven techniques to help you live a more optimally (mentally) healthy life.